Terms of Reference
1. To promote, support and strengthen the international aspects of the University's activities in teaching and service.
2. To enhance the image of the University internationally through the achievement of international standards of excellence in scholarship and research.
3. To provide advice to the Vice-President (Teaching & Learning) on all related issues of internationalisation in the University, including but not limited to:
(a) formulating and developing the University's internationalisation strategy;
(b) devising policies and procedures that will enhance the internationalisation of the campus;
(c) promoting interest and involvement in the internationalisation of the University by all members of the University community;
(d) identifying international partners and formulating student/faculty exchange and study abroad policies;
(e) developing linkages with international organisations and industries with a view to strengthening the research and service functions of the University, as well as the employment of students;
(f) enhancing links with the international communities in Hong Kong; and
(g) fostering further a supportive campus environment for visiting scholars and students.
4. To receive, consider and discuss data and periodic reports on all aspects of internationalisation in the University from all relevant sources.

The Chairman of the Committee is Dr. Albert Chau, Vice-President (Teaching & Learning). Members of the Committee are nominated by the respective heads of units and appointed by the President for a period of two years and may be re-appointed for further periods subject to mutual agreement. Mr. Peter Li, Director, International Office is the Secretary of the Committee.

Committee Members:
Prof. Johnny Poon, representing Faculty of Arts
Prof. Gerard Prendergast, representing School of Business
Dr. Shiping Zhang, representing School of Chinese Medicine
Mr. C.K. Lau, representing School of Communication
Dr. Changsong Zhou, representing Faculty of Science
Dr. Tushar Chaudhuri, representing Faculty of Social Sciences
Professor John Aiken, representing Academy of Visual Arts
Dr. K. S. So, Registrar of Academic Registry
Professor Gordon Tang, Director of Student Affairs
Dr. Kevin Yue, Resident Master
Mr. Tsz Kei Lau, Student Union President
Miss YoonJo Lee, Undergraduate Student
Miss Joyce Xuhan Zhou, Undergraduate Student
Miss Yiming Jiang, Postgraduate Student