Student Exchange
 How to Apply
List of Departmental Exchange Co-ordinators
Faculty of Arts
CHI Dr. Howard Choy
ENG Dr. Hiroko Itakura
HMW Dr. Cheung Chi Wai
MUS Dr. Matthew Schreibeis
REL Dr. Ellen Zhang
TRAN Dr. Ester Leung
School of Business General Enquiries Credit Transfer
ACCT Concentration Dr. Ludwig Chang Dr. Stella So
ECON Concentration Mr. Ryan Man
FIN Concentration Dr. Alexander Fung
GCB Concentration Dr. Tracy Zhang
HRM Concentration Dr. Lucia Fung
ISEM Concentration Dr. Vincent Chow
MKT Concentration Dr. Alex Tsang
Year 1 Students Dr. Ludwig Chang
School of Chinese Medicine
SCM Dr. Kevin Yue
School of Communication
COMS Dr. Terri Chan & Dr. Regina Chen
AF Prof. Ian Aitken & Mr. Chen Yimin
JOUR Dr. Robin Ewing
Faculty of Science
BIOL Dr. Danny Ng
CHEM Dr. Cheng Yuen Kit
COMP Dr. H. W. Tam
MATH Dr. Felix Kwok
PHYS Prof. Zhu Fu Rong
Faculty of Social Science
GEOG Dr. Barber Lachlan
GIS Prof. Jean-Pierre Cabestan
HIST Prof. Cindy Chu / Dr. Bettina Dietz / Dr. David Schley
PE Prof. Cheung Siu Yin / Dr. Tom Tong
SOC Dr. Day Wong
SOWK Prof. Petrus Ng
Academy of Visual Arts
AVA Mr. Kingsley Ng