Student Exchange
 Returning to HKBU
(a) Complete and return the Departure Form 1 week before your departure at the host insitution.
(b) Upon return to Hong Kong, please drop a quick email or give a call to let the International Office know of your safe arrival home.
(c) Application for Resumption of Studies
Students must report to the Academic Registry in person within 2 weeks upon return from the exchange programme.
Application Form for Resumption of Studies
(d) Complete and submit (i) an evaluation form and (ii) a minimum 500-word report in English sharing your academic exchange experiences to the International Office by the following dates. (For students exchanged to Mainland China and Taiwan, the report could be submitted in Chinese also in a minimum 500 words.)

i/ 31 January 2016 (for exchanges in the 1st (Fall) Semester)
ii/ 30 September 2016 (for exchanges in the 2nd (Spring) Semester and the full academic year)

If you fail to do so, the University reserves the right to withhold your host institution official academic transcript.

Evaluation Form
(e) Application for Transfer of Units
i/ Upon return from the exchange programme, you may apply to the Academic Registry for transfer of units.
ii/ You must provide an host institution official transcript. (For a 2-semester exchange, students must provide the Academic Registry with an official host institution transcript IMMEDIATELY after the first semester finishes).
iii/ The University may refuse to grant units for subjects with grades below the equivalence of grade C in the University grading system. Units transferred from other institutions are recorded without inclusion in grade point average calculations.



Application Form for Transfer of Units


"East-West Encounters" Programme
Do you want to make friends with students from different countries? Join the East-West Encounters to be our student ambassadors.


(g) Counseling from the Counselling & Development Centre
Students who have difficulties in adapting to University life after returning from the exchange programme may seek counseling advice from the Counselling & Development Centre.