Student Exchange
 Course Selection
You are free to choose and enroll in any courses you want (provided you also meet the prerequisite requirements, if any, of the courses). You should confer with your home institution academic adviser to seek approval for selected courses for the purpose of credit transfer.

Choose and list on the enrolment application in priority order six to eight courses which you wish to study (six to eight courses should be listed in the event that some of the courses are not available due to time scheduling conflicts, etc.). Based on the information, the University will try to pre-register you in these courses as far as possible. You need to be aware, however, that as at your home institution, it may not always be possible for you to register for every class you choose.

Click here for a list of the course offerings for exchange students. The specific courses that are offered in a given semester are subject to change. Consult the current list of course offerings online in planning your course selections.

 Important Dates

  1st (Fall) Semester 2017
2nd (Spring) Semester 2018
Required Arrival Dates
(Airport pick-ups will be
available on these dates only)
28-29 August 8-9 January
Orientation Programme 30-31 August and 1 September 10-12 January
Classes Begin 4 September 15 January
Final Examinations 8-21 December
(Departures should be
scheduled after the examination period)
4-16 May
(Departures should be
scheduled after the examination period)
Public Holidays 2 October
The Day following National Day
1 January
New Year Holiday

  5 October
The Day following Mid-Autumn Festival
16-19 February
Chinese New Year Holiday
  28 October
Chung Yeung Festival

30-31 March and 2 April
Easter Holiday
  25-26 December
5 April
Ching Ming Festival
    1 May
Labour Day
    22 May
Buddha's Birthday