Student Exchange
  1. Academic Programmes

1. Are academic programmes at HKBU organized in a similar manner as those in North American institutions?
Yes, academic programmes are organized in a similar way as those in North American institutions. Our programmes are tailor-made and highly structured placing emphasis on coherence, progression, and integration within a four-year duration.

Except for the MBA programmes, all undergraduate and graduate programmes follow a two-semester calendar that runs from September to December for the 1st (Fall) Semester, and from mid-January to May for the 2nd (Spring) Semester. Exchange students are free to depart Hong Kong after finishing the final exams.

Likewise, a credit-unit system is adopted whereby students must fulfill the credits and grade point average requirements for graduation in addition to subject requirements as well as university attendance requirements.

The number of credits assigned to a subject is indicative of the contact time with a teacher and/or the study time associated with that subject on a weekly basis over a period of one semester. In general, a single credit represents attendance once a week throughout the semester at a lecture or recitation lasting 50 minutes. Students are classified as full-time when registering for a minimum of 12 credits per semester (students must maintain 12 credits to satisfy the Hong Kong Immigration student visa requirements). A student should follow a study plan comprising subjects of not normally more than 18 units per semester.

2. What is the range of course choices available to me?
HKBU offers undergraduate programmes leading to the award of Bachelor's degrees (with Honours in most cases) in Arts, Business, Chinese Medicine, Communication, Science, Social Sciences and Visual Arts. The list of courses offered to international students is available here. The updated list of course offerings will usually be available in April.

In general, exchange students are allowed to take any courses from the course list, provided they do not foresee any problem in the medium of teaching and have met the prerequisite requirements.

3. How do the prerequisites apply to exchange students?
Generally, prerequisites are not rigidly applied, but the backgrounds of exchange students are examined to ensure suitability for the requested courses.

4. How are subjects qualified for credit transfer back to my home institution?
Exchange students should check carefully with their home institutions about credit transfer of courses.

5. Is there any study-related fee?
Generally, there is no laboratory fee but students are required to pay for the materials fees if they are enrolled in the Visual Arts courses. An estimate of US$250.00 per semester for books is also suggested.