Student Exchange
  1. Housing and Meals

1. What is the housing provision for exchange students?
Please refer to Accommodation.

2. Is the housing segregated according to sex or is it co-educational?
The Undergraduate Halls are co-educational. Room assignments are gender specific.

3. What is the arrangement for meals on campus, including costs?
There is no meal plan, mandatory or optional, available at HKBU. There are currently several dining facilities on campus, ranging from quick/simple meals to full multi-course provision of both Chinese and Western styles. The cost per meal falls approximately within the range of US$2-15, depending on which meal of the day and its fullness. There are also several commercially operated restaurants/cafeterias within easy walking distance of the campus offering a wide range of prices.

4. Is smoking allowed in the Student Residence Halls?
Smoking, drinking, possession or use of or involvement with illegal drugs will not be tolerated anywhere on campus. Offenders will be reported to local authorities for prosecution.

5. Will I be able to use my electrical equipment in Hong Kong?
The electrical voltage in Hong Kong is 220-240 Volts AC, 50Hz. Please make sure your electric appliances are 220-240V adaptable. Otherwise you may get an adaptor which is inexpensive and can be easily bought in Hong Kong.