Student Exchange
  1. Fees & Expenses

1. What is the estimate of monthly expenses for my stay in Hong Kong?
This depends on how you dine, how much shopping you do, and the entertainment engaged in. The following monthly expenses (excluding tuition and room fees) might serve as a general guideline:.
Meals US$300-600
Entertainment US$20-100
Transportation (local) US$20-100
Air Conditioning* (Undergraduate Halls) US$20-70
Miscellaneous US$20-130
TOTAL US$380-1,000
*Air conditioning expense is not included in the accommodation fee; the estimate is calculated on a 24-hour usage and on a 50:50 share arrangement

2. How much cash should I bring with me? In what currency? Should I bring this in traveller's cheques or personal cheques? What about use of credit cards?
Money (in cash or traveller's cheques) brought should be enough to cover about a month or so of living expenses. Additional funds, as needed, can be transferred by personal home bank cheques (a delay of 4-6 weeks until the cheque has cleared), electronic bank-to-bank transfer (higher charges but faster), or by credit card withdrawals. Personal cheques are not recommended due to the delay in the availability of the funds. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) are convenient and are widely accepted by shops and restaurants in Hong Kong.

Most exchange students withdraw funds from home bank accounts visa ATM facilities on campus and throughout the city. Be reminded that there is usually a daily/weekly/monthly cash withdrawal limit in most cases. It is convenient and easy to open a bank account in Hong Kong. There are two banks on campus: Hang Seng Bank and the Bank of East Asia. You should note that the transfer of money from your home country to Hong Kong (or vice versa) may incur a service charge.