Student Exchange
  1. Health and Insurance

1. What provision does HKBU make for exchange students in regard to health care and insurance?
General practitioners and dental services are available on campus at the Health Services Centre. Referrals to specialist treatments can be made if required.

HKBU also operates a Chinese medicine clinic on campus.

All full-time students (including exchange students) and part-time students are covered by a group personal accident insurance policy against death and permanent disablement arising from accidents while participating in academic or extra-curricular activities arranged by the University and/or student organizations. The maximum coverage for each student is HK$100,000 in the event of death. Also included is additional accidental medical coverage of up to HK$5,000.

If traveling outside Hong Kong in connection with HKBU organized activities, students are covered up to HK$100,000 in the event of death and up to HK$25,000 for medical & accident. Students are not covered by the university plan and should arrange personal travel insurance when traveling on personal trips (non-university related) outside Hong Kong. Additional optional insurance is available at affordable rates.

As an exchange student holding a valid Hong Kong Identity card, you will be entitled the same rates as for local citizens in all public hospitals. The fees escalate considerably for medical services at local private hospitals and clinics.

2. Should I arrange insurance from my home institution and/or my insurance agent?
All exchange students should have adequate insurance with international coverage.

Exchange students should first check with their home institutions and/or insurance agents about insurance coverage. Certainly, coverage in force from your home institution/agent that covers you in international circumstances should be retained, and even be acquired, if need be on a short-term basis, before coming. If necessary, the International Office can assist you in purchasing medical coverage for the duration of your stay in Hong Kong.

HKBU student insurance coverage does not apply to personal travel in and outside from Hong Kong for non-HKBU related activities/travel. You will want to be sure that you have adequate insurance when traveling outside Hong Kong for personal travels.