Student Exchange
  1. Campus Activities and Facilities

1. What is the general description of the campus?
HKBU is centrally located on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. The University has four campuses: the Ho Sin Hang Campus, the Shaw Campus, the Baptist University Road Campus and the Kai Tak Campus. The Ho Sin Hang Campus, the Shaw Campus and the Baptist University Road Campus are closely adjacent and within easy walking distance to one another.

All four campuses are only a few minutes' walk from underground railway (MTR), and are well serviced by public transport from virtually every area of Hong Kong.

2. Is travel to and from the campus and around Hong Kong difficult and how is it best arranged?
Traveling to and from the campus and around Hong Kong is very easy by means of public transport, which is both convenient and inexpensive: underground railway (MTR), buses, mini-buses, taxis and ferries.

3. Are there any possibilities for sports participation in HKBU?
Yes, exchange students are encouraged to participate in sports activities. Both the Wai Hang Sports Centre of the University and the Joint Sports Centre are multi-purpose sports complexes which provide modern sports facilities to all students. Sports activities are arranged through the sports centres and the Department of Physical Education.

4. What kinds of student organizations and activities exist on campus?
The International Office organizes the East-West Encounters Programme in which HKBU students are grouped together with exchange students in an effort to promote cross-cultural encounters and to enhance language learning. Activities include an Orientation Programme, bi-weekly gatherings at the Global Cafe, monthly outings and a farewell party at the end of the semester.

The Office of Student Affairs organizes a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes for students in order to enrich their educational experiences, such as a new local student orientation, the Leadership Development Programme (LDP), education programmes, University forums, etc.

In addition, a number of activities and programmes are organized by the staff of the Student Residence Halls providing both local and exchange students cross-cultural experiences.

A number of student organizations and interest groups are opened to all students. In addition, the Chaplain's Office organizes Christian programmes, activities, and ministries including the Christian Student Union, the Christian Choir, worship services, Bible studies, cell groups, and outreach services, etc.