Student Exchange
  1. Traveling outside Hong Kong

1. What are the arrival and departure dates for exchange students?
You should arrive about a week prior to the start of classes so that you will be able to participate in all orientation programmes, complete all necessary registration matters, and familiarize yourself with your new environment.

Before departure, students must complete all programme requirements, examinations, assignments and clearance procedures.

The preferred arrival and departure dates for exchange students are, respectively, in the last week of August and late December for the 1st (Fall) Semester, and the second week of January and late May for the 2nd (Spring) Semester. Final examinations are completed before Christmas in the 1st (Fall) Semester and before the end of May in the 2nd (Spring) Semester.

For the exact dates of orientation programmes and examinations, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

2. Does HKBU have any suggestions on my travel itinerary to or from Hong Kong?
You can decide on your own travel itinerary. However, in planning for trips outside Hong Kong, you must make sure that your studies and attendance at classes will not be affected. Students who have been absent without approval during the semester for more than 15% of scheduled classes; or have attended less than 70% of scheduled classes (with approved and unapproved absences) will receive an "F" grade for the subject. These students will not be allowed to sit for the subject examinations, if any.

3. Will there be any opportunities for travel in the Mainland China during the course of my studies in HKBU?
Yes, there may be such opportunities arranged by the Office of Student Affairs and other student organizations. Exchange students who are planning to travel to the Mainland China are required to obtain a tourist visa, which can be readily obtained in Hong Kong. Further information can be obtained from the local offices of the Hong Kong China Travel Services or the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in Hong Kong.