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Sign-Up Form for East-West Encounters

Sign-Up Form for East-West Encounters
2nd (Spring) Semester 2017/18

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1. Personal Particulars

Basic Information

(as shown on your student ID card, e.g. Chan, Li, Wong)
(as shown on your student ID card, e.g. Ka Yan, Xiping)
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Gender *

More Information

Will you live in the Undergraduate Halls for the 2nd Semester 2017/18? *

Have you ever enrolled in the "East-West Encounters" Programme? *

Are you a returned exchange student?

(e.g. Chinese calligraphy workshop, craft-making, local food tasting, jazz dancing, music / movie appreciation, cultural tour in Tai O, walking tour in Kowloon City, etc.)

2. I wish to participate in the following "East-West Encounters" Activity/Activities:

Students are welcome to enroll in more than one activity.

Activity 1: Buddies Scheme

As a “Buddy”, you will share your knowledge of HKBU and Hong Kong and help new international students become familiar with their surroundings, particularly during the first month of arrival at HKBU. You will serve as primary contact for the students (IMMEDIATELY after you know who your assigned exchange students are). The International Office will assign exchange students to one or more of our Buddy volunteers. All Buddies are encouraged to meet their assigned exchange students during the Campus Tour at International Student Orientation on 11 January 2018 (Thursday).

Activity 2: Arrival Pick up & Orientation for Exchange Students (8 - 11 January 2018)

As a student ambassador, you will be assigned to pick up new international students from the airport / train station and assist in various duties at the International Student Orientation. A great opportunity to be the first person to meet the new international students after their arrival.

The International Office will assign duties based on its operational needs and your preferences as far as possible.

Activity 2(a): Arrival Pick-up (8 - 9 January 2018)

To have a better chance of being assigned to Arrival Pick-up, please indicate ALL your available timeslots in the boxes below. ATTENTION: All students participating in Arrival Pick-up are REQUIRED to attend a Briefing Session on 22 December 2017

Monday, 8 January (Morning)

Monday, 8 January (Afternoon)

Monday, 8 January (Evening)

Tuesday, 9 January (Morning)

Tuesday, 9 January (Afternoon)

Tuesday, 9 January (Evening)

Activity 2(b): International Student Orientation (10 - 11 January 2018)

Please indicate AT LEAST THREE (3) SESSIONS you wish to take part in during the Orientation in the boxes below. Ambassadors who take part in the Breakfast Reception, Welcome Lunch and Library Tour will be issued a certificate at the end of the semester. ATTENTION: All students participating in the International Student Orientation are REQUIRED to attend a Briefing Session on 22 December 2017

Breakfast Reception (Wednesday, 10 January)
Registration, Crowd Control, Logistics, Answering Enquiries

Welcome Lunch (Wednesday,10 January)
Taking part in an official welcome lunch at a restaurant on campus and be a host to the exchange students at your table.

Campus Tour (Thursday, 11 January)
Leading a campus tour in small groups, bringing them to lunch and shops to buy necessities in the neighbourhood. A perfect occasion to meet with your Buddies for the first time.

Library Tour (Thursday, 11 January)
Guiding a library tour in small groups. A REQUIRED 30-minute training session will be offered by the Library on the same day.

Activity 3: Global Café / Activity 4: Monthly Outings

3(a) Global Café: Global Café aims to promote cross-cultural exchanges and foreign language speaking opportunities between local and exchange students. It is open on ALTERNATE TUESDAY evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Committee members will plan and lead a themed gathering for the Global Café.
3(b) Monthly Outings: Committee members will organize excursions to help non-local students familiarise themselves with Hong Kong and enjoy a day out.
ATTENTION: All Global Café & Monthly Outings Committee Members are REQUIRED to join a Training Camp and Presentation on 22 December 2017.  Applicants for these two activities shall pay a fee of HK$50 (refundable at the end of the training camp) within TWO working days after the date of submission of the enrolment form in order to reserve a spot.

Global Café Committee (Quota: 60) / Monthly Outings (Quota: 40)

You may choose to enrol in either one of the Activities. Due to limited quota, the enrolment for these two Activities will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please mark only one



A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.