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Student Exchange

Advising & Assistance


Getting started with study abroad can be exciting yet sometimes overwhelming, 
we’re always here to help – come visit the International Office in AAB703.

Walk-in Consultation: Every Monday to Friday, 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

No appointment is needed.

Consultation by Appointment

Please  submit Form  to schedule an appointment. 


Resource Room: Every Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:50 p.m.

You are welcome to ask us any questions:

Phone: 3411-2188



Also, you are also strongly encouraged to seek advice on your academic study during exchange from the exchange coordinator in your academic department.

List of Departmental Exchange Co-ordinators

Faculty of Arts

Prof. Chan Wai Keung Timthoy

Dr. Choy Yuen Fung Howard

ENG Dr. Lee Jason Eng Hun
HMW Dr. Cheung Chi Wai
MUS Dr. Matthew Schreibeis
REL Dr. Kwok Wai Luen
TRAN Dr. Ester Leung
School of Business General Enquiries Credit Transfer
BBA - Concentration Undecided Dr. Ludwig Chang Dr. Ludwig Chang
ACCT Concentration Dr. Stella So
ECON Concentration Mr. Ryan Man
ENTP Concentration Dr. Wong Yik Man
FIN Concentration Dr. Astrophel Choo
HRM Concentration Dr. Felix Yip
ISEM Concentration Dr. Vincent Chow
MKT Concentration Dr. Frederick Yim
School of Chinese Medicine
SCM Dr. Kevin Yue
Faculty of Communication
COMS Dr. Michelle Z P Huang
Ms. Jessie Ko
Dr. Yeo Tien Ee Dominic

Prof. Ian Aitken

Mr. Chen Yimin

JOUR Miss  Robin Ewing
Faculty of Science
BIOL Dr. Danny Ng
CHEM Dr. Cheng Yuen Kit
COMP Dr. H. W. Tam
MATH Dr. Ling Leevan
PHYS Dr. Zhou Changsong
Faculty of Social Science
EDUC Dr. Tsz-ngong Lee / Dr. Tony K. H. Lai
GEOG Dr. Lachlan Barber
GIS Prof. Cabestan Jean-Pierre
HIST Prof. Cindy Chu / Dr Jatinder Mann / Dr. David Schley / Dr Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal
PE Dr. Kim Seungmo
SOC Dr. Day Wong
SOWK Prof. Petrus Ng
Academy of Visual Arts
AVA Mr. Kingsley Ng


International Office

AAB703, 7/F, Academic & Administration Building

Phone: 3411-2188



Student Exchange Programmes Team



Christina Chan

Assistant Programme Manager
Coordinator for Asia Pacific and Americas

Phone: 3411-5328


Felicia Low

Programme Officer

Coordinator for China, Eastern and Northern Europe, Ireland and the U.K.

Phone: 3411-7650



Frances So

Programme Officer
Coordinator for Europe (except Eastern and Northern Europe, Ireland and the U.K.)
Phone: +852 3411-6470




Phoebe Yu

Assistant Programme Officer

Coordinator for Project Support

Phone: 3411-2188



Vivian Tsui

Assistant Programme Officer

Coordinator for Project Support

Phone: 3411-5363