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Extended Study Programme

Extended Study Programme


Exchange Abroad @GBA 2023/24




A unique programme which spans two dynamic cities – Hong Kong and Zhuhai,


Enlighten like never before:

Internship @ top 500 companies;

Exploration journey from Middle East to Xian, Dunhuang and GBA;

Immersive learning experiences in Art Tech, Art and Sports.


The best leverage! internship opportunities with the world’s leading enterprises await you in Zhuhai! ByteDance, Citi Bank, TCL, China Life and more… 

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Free Accomodation!

Up to HK$38,400 Financial Assistance!



Exchange Abroad 2023/24 @ZhuHai 

Dynamic City In GBA Attracting Leading Enterprises Worldwide


With a population of 83 million, a GDP equivalent to that of Australia and R&D investment in excess of RMB250 bln, the Greater Bay Area’s nine GBA cities (Zhuhai) and two SARs (Hong Kong) are a leading global force across industries ranging from finance and technology to advanced manufacturing and biotech.


Alternatively dubbed the city of romance and the city of a hundred islands, Zhuhai was amongst the four Special Economic Zones first established in 1980 as part of China’s opening.


Now a hi-tech industrial corridor dedicated to sectors like IT, biotech, new energy and advanced manufacturing, Zhuhai is considered “China's most liveable city” for its clean air and proximity to the sea. One of China's premier tourist destinations, it offers convenient connections to Hong Kong and Macau, a pulsating nightlife and an unbeatable quality of life. 



Start career @ Global Top 500 companies 

With competition for jobs on the increase, employers are looking for people who can make a difference today. Internship X Exchange in UIC offers internship opportunities with the world’s leading enterprises. Residing in a state-of-the-art campus, you will apply your knowledge in the GBA ‒ the heart of the global trade ecosystem ‒with market leaders like ByteDanceCiti BankTCL, China Life, and more!  


Experiencing life in this effervescent hi-tech industrial corridor, you will enjoy an unbeatable quality of live at a fraction of the costs elsewhere while building life-long relationships with global leaders.

The first of its kind, this programme is an invitation to a future you won’t regret!    

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UIC : the place to be 



Jointly founded in Zhuhai by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) is the first full-scale higher education cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong. Approved by the Ministry of Education, UIC’s charter also has the full support of local authorities.



UIC ‒ A Global Community Of Top Scholars


UIC’s international faculty from more than 30 countries and regions have all studied or worked abroad, including many from the world's top universities. Thanks to UIC’s ability to attract top scholars, students now have the chance to study in an institution that was already ranked in the country’s top 100.


Motivated Peers From Around The World



Coming from around the world, students can join one of UIC’s 23 innovative undergraduate programmes ‒ many supported by local government, agencies and institutions ‒ delivered in English across four divisions: Business and Management, Culture and Creativity, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Science and Technology.  Immersed in a truly international environment, they are also invited to experience Chinese and global culture while building relationships with the leaders of tomorrow, both in China and elsewhere.




A Campus That Will Inspire You

Adopting the concept of “campus in a town”, UIC’s campus is designed as a greenbelt seamlessly connecting the community with its surroundings. UIC is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in an inspiring environment where intricate campus lanes and alleyways are reminiscent of the veins on a leaf.  Featuring the latest technology, UIC’s campus completes the city of Zhuhai while delivering on its unique educational mission.