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Summer Programmes

Financial Assistance

Don’t let lack of funds get in your way to embrace the world


Your financial circumstances should not keep you away from achieving goals, or realizing your dream.


We have options available to assist you.

A. Summer Programme Sponsorship


Amounts of the Summer Programme Sponsorships:


Summer Programme 1



Sponsorship Amount (HK$)

Zone 1

Canada, European countries, Mexico, U.S.A.


Zone 2

Australia, Chile, Morocco, Kazakhstan,



Zone 3

Japan, Singapore, South Korea


Zone 4

China (except for Guangdong Province),

Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand


Zone 5

China (Guangdong Province), Macau


Application for Summer Programme Sponsorship


Please submit the following items to us (in person, by mail and/or by email to least 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the summer programme:


  1. Completed Summer Programme Sponsorship Application (doc/pdf), and
  2. Confirmation of enrollment/admission letter issued by the host institution 


Late or incomplete application will NOT be accepted or processed.

B. EDB Subsidy Scheme


Students receiving means-tested student financial assistance from the Student Finance Office (SFO) or the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) may apply for EDB subsidies to participate in the summer programmes offered by a HKBU partner institution that last for at least 2 weeks. Please refer to the webpage of EDB Subsidy Scheme for details. 


Important Notes


  • Students must have attained a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above at the time of application and at the conclusion of the semester prior to the beginning of the summer programme.
  • Students who participated in any summer programme administered by the International Office in previous years are NOT eligible to apply for the summer programme sponsorship. 
  • Students must fulfill the study load as required by the host institutions.
  • Students can only apply the Summer Programme Sponsorship for ONE summer programme. 
  • Students can only receive the Summer Programme Sponsorship ONCE during their University studies.
  • Students must successfully complete programmes offered by the host institutions and pass the enrolled course(s), and
  • Students who fail to complete the summer programme or withdraw from the University are required to repay their sponsorship immediately.
  • Students may receive the summer programme sponsorship in addition to the SSE/SSEBR and/or scholarship/financial assistance given by other office/department.



Please submit the following items for disbursement of the HKBU Summer Programme Sponsorship and EDB Subsidy (for eligible students) to the International Office (in person, by mail and/or by email to one month of your successful completion of the programme:


  1. An official transcript (original or certified true copy) and/or a certificate of completion issued by the host institution, and
  2. A 500-word written reflection report on your experience in English, and
  3. 2 photos regarding your learning experience (with captions)


Under normal circumstances, applications for the HKBU Summer Programme Sponsorship/EDB subsidy will be processed within ONE month upon submission of the above 3 items. 


No disbursement will be processed if you submit the required items after 21 September 2018