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Community of Christian Leaders Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Specifics

Scholarships, ranging from HK$18,000 to HK$68,000 depending on the exchange destination and duration, will be awarded to student exchange participants studying abroad for one semester or a full academic year.


Eligibility Requirements

Students should have obtained a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above at the time of application and at the conclusive of the semester prior to the beginning of an exchange, as well as a good TOEFL/IELTS score (if applicable).


Students must be active in church, university sponsored Christian organizations, or other Christian organizations and activities with the community.


Selection Criteria

Students will be evaluated on the basis of academic ability, demonstrated exceptional Christian character, leadership potential with an outstanding record in extra-curricular activities and/or community and voluntary services.


The scholarship will be awarded to students who have also demonstrated servant-leadership by giving their lives to serving God in the church, at HKBU, and in their communities.


Priority will be given to those who have proven financial needs, such as coming from disadvantaged family backgrounds (e.g. Comprehensive Social Security Assistant families, receiving full government grant and loan, etc.) or facing sudden change of family condition.

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities 

Upon completion of their exchange studies, each of the scholarship recipients will submit a report, share with fellow students about the learning experiences, including his/her spiritual growth and Christian learning experiences, and meet the donor annually. They will also form a community of Christian leaders and commit themselves to serving those in need by actively participating in at least one of the community services at the University, e.g.:


Chaplain’s Office:

  • Christian Emphasis Week
  • English Bible Study
  • HKBU Christian Choir
  • Love Mission @ Myanmar
  • Student Ambassador Programme


Office of Student Affairs:

  • Change-Makers Programme – Animal Welfare
  • ICAC Ambassador Scheme
  • Nice Project – Attachment to Social Enterprise
  • Project M.A.I.L.
  • Project WeCan – Voluntary Tutor Recruitment


Community Service Programmes:

  • YMCA – Joint University Guangzhou Cultural & Service Trip
  • Community Service Programmes offered by the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning



  • Any other community services programmes organised by HKBU, NGOs and Christian organisations (e.g. Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA), United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, etc.)
  • Any student societies, NGOs, social enterprises, etc. created by the scholarship recipients