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Consul-General-in-Residence 2006

  1. Frank Burbach, Consul General of the Republic of Germany in Hong Kong
  2. Tariq Shafi Chak, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Hong Kong
  3. Istvan Darvasi, Consul General of the Republic of Hungary in Hong Kong
  4. Mario C. Leal, Consul General of Mexico in Hong Kong


Lecture Series 2006


22 November 2006

 “Pakistan - Its Global Role & Role in South Asia” by Tariq Shafi Chak



25 October 2006    

“Transformed Hungary - a New Partner for Hong Kong” by István Darvasi



28 September 2006

“Mexico towards the 21st Century” by Mario C. Leal




21 March 2006

“The New German Government: Challenges and Policies of Angela Merkel” by Frank Burbach