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Fun Outings


"Let's explore Hong Kong together"


In order to help international students familiarize themselves with Hong Kong, the International Office organizes outings during the semester.


Destinations vary from popular sightseeing spots like the Stanley Market, to outlying islands such as Tai OCheung Chau, Hiking trails on Lantau, or ecotourism spots like the Wetland Park, GEO Park.



Chinese New Year Fun


Happy Chinese New Year! We celebrate the lunar new year the traditional way. 


Visit Che Kung Temple and spin the wheel of fortune for good luck, draw a divination stick in front of the giant statue of Che Kung. Red pockets, sea of flowers at the flower market, and Chinese new year eve's dinner with friends. You are entering the Year of Rabbit with blessings and love. 




Farewell Barbeque Party


With the magnificent view of Tolo Harbour, we start the Barbeque Party! Hearing the sizzling of the grill, sharing waves of laughter, and giving warm hugs. It's a night full of love! We've come a long way from where we began, we will talk about all these good memories when we see you again!




Hidden Hakka Village - Lai Chi Wo 


Unwind together in Lai Chi Wo, not only a scenic place with a diverse ecological environment but also one of the oldest and best-preserved Hakka-walled villages in Hong Kong! Local farmers walk you through the restored farmland, taking in the fresh air with traditional Hakka cuisine




Authentic Wonton Noodle Party  


Your apprenticeship journey starts here! Learn about the culture of wonton noodles, from its history to wonton making, and even secret formula shared by the master. An exclusive journey that even local Hong Kong people may not have experienced, you now can turn to be a ''Real'' Hongkonger.




Over the Moon - Mid Autumn Festival Outing


Bathe in the moonlight and sweetness of mooncakes, we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with homies away from home. Light a lantern, and marvel at the spectacular skyline of Victoria Harbor with a ferry ride. Have fun at the Bazzar with lantern riddles and local handicrafts, what a night!




Home Away From Home 


Welcome to your second home! Hearty greetings from the President and Vice President of Teaching and Learning. We prepare red pockets and piggy banks for you which carry meanings of prosperity, wealth, and luck! While some of you share your friendship stories and cultures in return!




Timeless Treasure - Mahjong 


Mahjong, fun, popular table game that symbolized Hong Kong culture, playing mahjong can even prevent cognitive decline! Walk among the century-old shops and visit the master who carves mahjong tiles by hand. Record the vanishing traditional arts and listen to the crafters' dreams before they are lost in time. 



Geo Park Adventure - Sai Kung Boat Tour


In Hong Kong, nature's splendor and skyscraper landscape are both breathtaking. Be amazed by the geological wonders in Sai Kung, you'll see the globally rare hexagonal volcanic rock columns, incredible sea stacks and caves. 



Little Salt Pan 


Stumble across the Yim Tin Tsai island, a secluded Hakka fisherman village. Do you feel the warm sea breeze? A day to experience the traditional livelihood of the Hakka people, such as learning their wisdom of salt-making, fishing, and farming. 



An Exploration of Hong Kong's Fast Food Culture ‒ A Taste of Fast-paced Lifestyle!


You get a taste of Hong Kong’s fast food culture by making your own original instant ramen at My CUPNOODLES Factory and trying out quick meals at authentic cha chaan tengs (Hong Kong-style café) and quality dessert places!



Rumbling Along The Peak On The Tram 


Hop on the Peak tram, one of the oldest funicular railways in the world. Yet the journey is enjoyable you will soak in the spectacular skyscraper view along the way. Off the tram, now you arrive at the iconic wok-shaped Peak Tower! Say Cheese! 



BBQ Party in Tai Po ‒ Hong Kong’s Greenest Neighborhood


Surrounded by lush, valleys and riverside promenades, Tai Po is a greener, more relaxed version of Hong Kong. The BBQ Party in Tai Po serves as a good jumping off point for some rural excursions and celebrates the time that you and your fellow students studying at HKBU.



Victoria Peak (known locally as The Peak) ‒ Hong Kong’s Most Scenic Trail 


There are six hiking trails to The Peak.  Start the hike from Central ‒ Explore it's rich cultural history while marveling at the stunning vista of Hong Kong as you hike along the Central green trail to the Peak. You come across historic Central-mid-level escalators and century-old trees. The stunning views of the iconic Hong Kong skyline is definitely worth the sweat!



West Kowloon

West Kowloon Neighborhood Cultural Walk ‒ A Day amused by Hong Kong’s Old and Modern Traditions


Co-partnered with the Hong Kong Tourism Board, this heritage walk in old Kowloon unveils the evolution of the district.  From the first stop at the fermented tofu store Liu Ma Kee learning about the secret recipe of the legendary “Chinese Cheese”, to the second stop at the bookstore hidden in the iconic Tin Hau Temple, and the last stop at Tong Nam Lou Art Hotel that celebrates local art and culture.


Tai O

Tour to Tai O ‒ “Venice of Hong Kong”


Tai O, a traditional fishing village, is a long way off the beaten track for you to discover a very different side of Hong Kong, soak in the village’s idyllic life, admire the old-style stilt-houses, savor local treats and explore the most authentic surrounding cultural landscape of old fishing life retained from the past.



Perfect Day Trip to Ocean Park ‒ Hong Kong’s Iconic Theme Park 


Enjoy a day to Hong Kong's iconic and award-winning theme park, which features many thrill rides and an exciting array of attractions. You experience exclusive back-of-house tours exploring the secrets behind the Park's efforts in nature conservation.




Explore West Kowloon Cultural District


Relax and immerse yourself in art, culture and nature.  Visit the giant art installations in front of the stunning view of Victoria Harbor.  Get a taste of pop art culture in Hong Kong’s growing arts and cultural hub ‒ the West Kowloon Cultural District.



All Things Bright and Beautiful!


Dive into the Intangible Cultural Heritage.  Have a night out to Wong Tai Sin Temple's Lantern Carnival to celebrate the traditional Moon Festival with lantern riddles, performances and games combining conventional and modern art!



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