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Consul-General-in-Residence 2008

  1. Ricardo Forrester, Consul General of the Argentine Republic in Hong Kong 
  2. Rudolf Hykl, Consul General of the Czech Republic in Hong Kong
  3. Usen A. Suleimenov, Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Hong Kong
  4. Seok Tong Youn, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong


Lecture Series 2008


25 November 2008

“China and its Relations with the Republic of Korea: A Korean Perspective” by Seok Tong Youn




21 October 2008

“The Religious Harmony in the Republic of Kazakhstan” by Usen Suleimenov




15 April  2008

“The Czech Republic – the European Journey” by Rudolf Hykl




19 February 2008

“Argentina: Hong Kong’s Antipode?” by Ricardo Forrester