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Consul-General-in-Residence 2005

  1. Francois Barras, Consul General of Switzerland in Hong Kong
  2. Gabriella Meneghello, Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong
  3. Brigitta Blaha, Consul General of Austria in Hong Kong
  4. Basant K. Gupta, Consul General of India in Hong Kong


Lecture Series 2005


28 September 2005

“India: Path to Progress” by Basant K. Gupta



26 April 2005

 “Jubilees 2005, the State of Austria – Key Aspects of Austrian Foreign Policy” by Brigitta Blaha



22 February 2005

 “Destination Europe: Italy's time honoured quest towards continental unity” by Gabriella MENEGHELLO

News Archive


26 January 2005      

“The Swiss Policy of Active Neutrality" by Francois BARRAS

News Archive