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Virtual Global Education

GO VIRTUAL!  A New Teaching & Learning Experience

Virtual Exchange for Undergraduate Students


We connect with partner universities worldwide to provide virtual exchange experience.  Students can take classes, interact with local students, both at home and at host universities. 


Our partner universities are from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.



Virtual Exchange for HKBU Students

HKBU Virtual Exchange Programme


Virtual Global Taster Programme

Follow Your Dreams

The Virtual Global Taster Programme provides non-curricular short-term immersive programmes with a wide range of themes and topics.  Get a taste of global culture and interact with international community.


Programmes for HKBU Students

Programmes for Students from Partner Institutions



Global Experiential Learning Initiatives


Adding spice to our virtual exchange, the virtual experience includes online student engagement activities which emphasize student integration and intercultural exchange.





Virtual Collaborative Teaching & Learning 


Collaborative Teaching & Learning offers an opportunity to faculty and undergraduate students worldwide working together and developing all sorts of projects, ranging from collaborative student projects, theme-based projects, other interdisciplinary and innovative forms of international collaboration and co-teaching.  


Being part of the vibrant community of technology, this form of collaboration has been made more possible than ever.


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