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6_Turkish Tea


Turkish Tea 

Tea, which is the most important part of Turkish daily life, has been considered a part of Turkish drink culture for centuries. However, Turkey was introduced to tea about 140 years ago. Tea was first grown in Turkey by farmers in the northeastern city of Artvin in the late 1870s. It became more available after Turkish people who went to Russia for work, planted seedlings they had brought with themselves. In 1947, the first tea factory was built in Rize and in 1965 the production of dried tea reached the level of domestic consumption.


Did you know...

How Turks typically take their tea?

Turkish people traditionally opt to drink tea from small, tulip-shaped glasses. So much tea is drunk each year from these delicate glass vessels that over 400 million of them are sold annually in Turkey. In fact, these tea glasses are so ubiquitous in Turkish life that they are used as an accepted vessel of measurement for cooking recipes.


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