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8_Simit (Ring bread)


Simit (Ring bread)

The history of the simit dates back to the Anatolian era of the Ottoman Empire. It is a crunchy, circular bread covered with sesame seeds and a true legend among Turkey’s favorite flavors. It can be eaten on its own or with cheese and a cup of tea. Many enjoy it with a glass of “ayran”, a very popular salted yogurt drink, in the afternoons. It’s also popular as it is budget and vegan-friendly!


Did you know...

Simit used to be a kind of luxurious food?

Its name originates from the word "simithane", the name of a flour depot. A sweetened bread in the shape of a ring, scattered with sesame seeds, the simit was considered back in the time of the sultans to be a valuable and luxurious food item. During the month of Ramadan, the sultan would provide “iftar” (break-fast meal) for those fasting, and as a gift, give simit to the soldiers on guard as a token of his appreciation. As such, the simit was classified as a valuable offering in the Turkish culture.


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