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Istanbul is famous for its historical fountains that managed to survive the test of time with all their glory. Istanbul's fountains were built to meet the water needs of the people in the past; their fountains are among the outstanding examples of water architecture in Turkey with their unique designs and decorations. Many smaller fountains can also be seen in the streets of Üsküdar and Istanbul because people who did not have a lot of money still commissioned small-scale fountains for charitable purposes during the Ottoman Empire.


Did you know...

Why do Turks need fountains in the streets?

Istanbul was never at any time a city with abundant water sources close at hand, which the overseers have long taken pride in providing for the thirsty, as witnessed by the hundreds of Ottoman-era public drinking fountains that dot the city. Until the 16th century onwards, as the water system was improved and extended, the government began to permit water to be piped into private mansions in the city and along the Bosphorus.


Sources: Daily Sabah & Turkish Culture Foundation