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Hey Homie!




‚ÄčEmbark on a Jolly Journey with

your friends across the globe


Amps up the excitement with surprising prizes,

laughter and lasting memories with your BFFs!


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Mission Details




DJ Drop the Beat  

DJ Drop The Beat

Date: By July 2022


DJ Drop The Beat! Music is a universal language, a sneak peek to another way of life! And yet, it is highly diversified in different cultures.


Take turns being the DJ to share your favourite music. Or even better, teach your homies to sing along!


Enjoy the music night, send us the following to unlock the mission!

  • Playlist 
  • Group photos 
  • Video or Reels! (optional) 


Recipe Swap Party  

Recipe Swap Party

Date: By August 2022


Throw a virtual Recipe Swap Party to celebrate your friendship! Share your favourite recipe, invite your homies to try it at home and see who is the master chef!


Yum! Who’s hungry?! Unlock the mission now!

  • Recipes
  • Video/Reels of the progress and the dishes made!


Friend Fest 

Date: September 2022


Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with homies away from home. Light a lantern, and marvel at the spectacular skyline of Victoria Harbor with a ferry ride. 


Unlock the mission now!

  • Join our Mid-Autumn Festival Outing
  • Share your great photos!

Hashtag Challenge

Date: October 2022


  • Stay tuned!

Upcoming Missions




Off The Beaten Track

      Welcome My Homie




Off The Beaten Track

Date: November 2022



Welcome My Homie!

Date: December 2022