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BU Market Student Story: CHEN Hsu-Chen

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Exchange Student:

CHEN Hsu-Chen

From: Taiwan

What happens in Laundry Room stays in my mind…


Throughout my exchange journey, I guessed the laundry room at HKBU would be the most memorable place for me.


Firstly, the arrangement of the laundry room resembles that of a professional laundry shop in Taiwan, which makes it awesome and surprisingly affordable! In my university dormitory in Taiwan, the washing machines and drying machines are in the restroom with limited quantity, we usually wait in long queues.


Not only did the equipment that cheered me, but a funny story also happened here and had made the place incredible! I made friends with a Russian exchange student. She was incredibly nice and friendly. On the day she left, she brought all her belongings and luggage to the dorm lounge on the first floor for packing. At around 3 a.m., I walked by and was shocked while seeing her outfit was way too carefree. Of course, there was no one there. Later, she put on more than six pieces of clothing, including a swimsuit and two pairs of trousers, to reduce the weight of her luggage. She looked so clumsy, and we both laughed so hard. It was so hilarious! I will definitely remember this little episode in laundry room.