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BU Market Student Story: Pak Yu CHAN

Pak Yu CHAN 3


Exchange to Australia

From: Hong Kong

Stadium delicacy! Check out my experiences in Australia!


Live Games at Stadium!

As a huge fan of sports, I was really interested in Australian rules football. I had been waiting to watch a game in a stadium for a long time, and I seized the opportunity to watch the quarterfinal of Australian Football League (AFL). I went to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and experienced the amazing atmosphere with the other 90,000 fans. This was something that I would not be able to experience in Hong Kong, so I was glad that I took the opportunity.

Apart from the unique sports in Australia, I also wanted to see how well the other kinds of sports were organized in Australia, since the sports industry in Australia was more developed. Therefore, I also bought a ticket for one of the games of the National Basketball League (NBL). There were fewer people in the stadium for a NBL game as the venue was much smaller than the previous one. However, there were already more people spectating than the finals games of the league in Hong Kong. I could totally feel the difference between the sports industries in the two places.


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The Boys’ Brigade in Australia

Also, I have been joining a uniform group, The Boys’ Brigade, Hong Kong, for more than ten years. There are also The Boys’ Brigade companies in Australia, so I tried to get in touch with them by the help of officers in Hong Kong. The president of The Boys’ Brigade Australia allowed me to stay with him and observe how the organization operated here. This has broadened my horizons as I could join different activities, such as the drilling competition and award ceremony. I could compare the differences between Australia and Hong Kong to understand how important cultures affect in the style of organizations.


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I am at the volleyball team and fight for the university!

After the semester commenced, I tried to join the sports clubs of the university, to make more friends and play sports. I joined the volleyball club practices, which were the tryouts for the volleyball team. I made it to the team, which I did not expect! I got the opportunity to represent the university and played at the Unigame, in which universities all around the country participated. So, I got a chance to travel to Perth, and I met a team full of wonderful people. I also had the chance to volunteer in the FINA World Swimming Championships 2022. I volunteered at different positions, talked to the athletes, and saw how they warmed up for the competition.


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