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BU Market Student Story: Pari FAHIMI

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Exchange Student:


From: The Netherlands

Shallot to Victory! Investigation of uncanny event in local food court


Coming from The Netherlands, I would like to explore more local landscapes in Hong Kong. One day, I was at the Sham Shui Po market with my friends. We went out for dinner, and we got into a dining hall full of men (mostly). It looked like they were having the time of their lives with drinks and on company of their friends.


After a while, we realized that they were watching the TV very eagerly. Did the TV show really that good? After we asked, we figured out that those people would come together to that same food hall to watch the horse race every time the race is happening, that’s why they are so focused on the TV.


In The Netherlands, we don't have horse races, so seeing the group of friends enjoying the races over some local food/drinks made my day!


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