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BU Market Student Story: Sonia Beate MIOSGA

Sonia 1

Exchange Student:

Sonia Beate MIOSGA

From: Germany

Wet Market experience. Amazed by how fresh it is…


After a month being in Hong Kong, I observe that food in Hong Kong is hugely different from that in Germany. I went to the local marketplaces, and they are like diving into a different world: there are lots of unknown smells, as wide variety of grocery products are listed. Thousands of new impressions, and exotic delicacies to buy.


Although, I also know marketplaces from my home country, but they differ from the markets in Hong Kong. For example, in Germany you cannot buy raw meat or fresh/living fish in markets. But same as Hong Kong, Germany marketplaces offer diverse beautiful farm products to shop, like fresh vegetables and fruit.


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