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BU Market Student Story: Xihan XIA

Xihan XIA 1

Xihan XIA

Exchange to Singapore

From: China

Pack your Sunscreen for the energetic heat in Singapore!


I know what you are worried about, but you won’t be lonely!

When I first came to Singapore, I participated in many orientation activities, which allowed me to meet new friends worldwide, and got to know more like-minded students through small gatherings.


Every day in Singapore was full of fun! We explored the Singapore Museum, walked through the rainforest and botanic gardens, went to the beach to embrace the sun and waves, and went to the outdoor bars to experience the nightlife in the southern-east Asian style.


Forever Friends!

Through communication with friends from places around the world, I learned about more exciting topics and gained opinions from diverse perspectives. After I left Singapore, I still kept in touch with these friends. Coming to Nanyang Technological University and knowing them were my life's treasures.


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