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BU Market Fun Fact: Christmas Cookies



September! it's Christmas Time in the Philippines!


In the Philippines, Christmas starts in September as they celebrate the festival for the whole “Ber Months” (September, October, November, December)! During this longest-running Christmas season, television and radio play festive songs, the streets are filled with Christmas trees and decorations, and store promotions kick off as people do their festive shopping since September.


What’s special about Filipino-style Christmas? Other than the usual festive trees, wreaths, and lighting, you can also see a lot of star-shaped lanterns in the decorations. These lanterns are called Parol, unique handmade ornaments the in Philippines, serving as symbols of the victory of light over darkness!


They also have a tradition that only features in the Philippines while 90% of the country being Christian. From Dec 16, Simbang Gabi will be hold. It will be a nine-day series of Misa until Christmas Eve.