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BU Market Student Story: Ka Ka CHAN

Kaka 5


Exchange to Germany

From: Hong Kong

Sailing across countries! Journey Beyond imagination!


Learn from Your Buddies!

It was a blessing that I met many friends in Hannover. There were only 2 exchange students from Hong Kong, including me, so I got more time to stay with non-Hong Kong students every day. There were so many stories I heard from my friends. For example, one of my Czech friends said that she had two licenses: a driving license and a sailboat one, and she used her boat license more. She sailed across the Baltic Sea from Germany to Denmark in this exchange. But before that, she never sailed on the sea as Czech Republic is an inland country. Most people I know in Hong Kong do not even have driving license. Because of this exchange experience I am amazed by learning what other students in the world are doing. After talking to her, I also became interested in sailing in the sea. 


I also met a friend from Iran. He told me what Iran and the Middle East were undergoing. Not long after I was back in Hong Kong, an Iranian woman died after being arrested by the moral police and that triggered the national-wide protest in Iran. I texted my friend to check on him after hearing this news. I realize how important it is to know what the world is happening, and to be a global citizen.  




Explore more in Germany.

Moreover, I travelled a lot with friends and explored new places together. Usually, we went on day trips to nearby towns and visited parks, museums, and churches. I also have been to some German cities in my state, Lower Saxony, such as Celle, Goslar, Hameln, Bremen, Hamburg, and so on. I was so happy that I got to travel inside Germany to understand its history, culture, language, food and landscape.