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BU Market Student Story: Ka Ka CHAN



Exchange to Germany

From: Hong Kong

Bring your cloth! It's international Picnic Day


KaKa 4


My school life in LUH was joyful. I belonged to the Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography and there was a week- long seminar with guest speakers from the UK. While working with local students, I experienced different classroom and discussion atmosphere.  I learnt a lot from the German master’s students and their ways of thinking. I also love the school campus of LUH very much. It is surrounded by parks; students always sit on the grass when the weather is good. 


Despite academic study, I tried many new things like doing yoga in cold weather outside, playing minigolf, and having one of the most memorable activities, International Picnic!


Students were split into teams, and each team had to cook their home dishes for the picnic. My teammates are from France and Brazil, so we cooked a French quiche and Brazilian dessert named Brigadeiro, and I made maltose crackers as a Hong Kong dish! We enjoyed both cooking and eating, while we also got homemade pizza, mochi, croquetas and more. It was my first time participating in such an international event, and it was absolutely fun!