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BU Market Fun Fact: Baked beans


You must have had it in your English breakfast!


Are you aware that baked beans are always there in your English breakfast, regardless of what restaurant you go to? Baked beans are truly a key component!


Baked beans serve as a staple in British cuisine. Not only for breakfast, but you can also enjoy baked beans with any meal! How to tell the British eat baked beans a lot? There is hardly a British pub or café that doesn’t have them on the menu. And if you go to a large supermarket, you will see that cans of baked beans don’t sit on shelves – they sit on pallets so they can be restocked more quickly!


However, baked beans are not traditionally British. They were first introduced in 1901 by an American man, Henry Heinz, the owner of the Heinz food company. Until now, Heinz baked beans are still very popular in the UK!