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BU Market Fun Fact: Calpis


In Japan, we call it "Taste of First Love"…


A student couple in Japan is sharing their bottle of Calpis, savouring the flavour of first love…Calpis, known as Japan's "first lactic acid beverage," is adored by both young and old Japanese people, especially during the summer!


It was created by Japanese entrepreneur Kaiun Mishima in the early 1900s after his travels to Inner Mongolia. In order to stay healthy in Mongolia's harsh climate, the residents drank a fermented milk beverage. Mishima was surprised to discover that the fermented milk was not only delectable but also good for his health. After years of work, the first generation of Calpis was born.


In Japan, the Calpis is referred to as the “Taste of First Love”. The brand used this tagline to promote the product as it tastes sweet and sour, just like the feel of puppy love. The branding campaign was successful and the tagline still stays in people’s mind, making it truly represent the “Taste of First Love” in Japan.