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BU Market Fun Fact: Orange


When life gives you orange, make it the Netherlands!


Wondering why the national colour of the Netherlands is orange?

It's all because of the Dutch royal family’s last name, Van Orange-Nassau! (The father of the nation, William I, is also known as William of Orange.)


On King’s Day in the Netherlands, the entire country decides to take a walk on the orange side. It's like the world's most fantastic, orange-themed costume party! The royal family picks a different city every year to kickstart the festivities, and it's basically like the biggest family reunion ever!


The party doesn’t end during the day; we keep the good times rolling well into the night. We're talking fireworks, concerts, and a whole lot of Dutch fun. It's as if the day never ends!


Join us next time in the land of windmills, tulips, and endless orange, and you'll see what it truly means to be "orange-fied"!