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BU Market Fun Fact: Lotus Biscoff


I'm a Belgian, the best coffee mate, and a beloved dessert worldwide!


Lotus Biscoff is surely the recent favourite of dessert lovers! It can be seen in various desserts like ice-cream and cheesecake. Let’s find out what Lotus Biscoff is and why it has become such a hit!


Lotus Biscoff comes from Belgium and has a history of around 80 years. What makes the Biscoff stand out is its enriched caramel fragrance with a slight hint of cinnamon aroma. Such irreplaceable taste makes it a perfect match with a cup of coffee!


Not only does it pair well with coffee, but the brand has also recently turned the Biscoff into a variety of tempting sweets! There are Biscoff ice cream cones, different ice cream flavours and even a spread for bread!


Next time you have a cup of coffee, try a piece of Biscoff with it!