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BU Market Fun Fact: Breads


Rolling in Dough: A Global Breadventure!


Pretzels (Germany): Those delightful twists were actually invented by monks as a reward for naughty kids who learned to focus on their prayers. Ropes of dough were twisted to resemble hands crossed on the chest in prayer. Talk about divine snacks!


Bagels (Poland): Bagels, believe it or not, were gifted by Polish bakers to women during childbirth in the 17th century, symbolising the circle of life. A tasty tradition!


Anpan (Japan): Anpan is a sweet bun filled with red bean paste. It was introduced by a samurai who lost his job and then turned into a baker. A delicious twist of fate!



Cinnamon Roll (Sweden): In Sweden, cinnamon rolls are so beloved for Fika (coffee break) that there’s even a Cinnamon Bun Day, celebrated annually on 4th October. A sweet reason to mark your calendar!


More Bread Superstitions!

In some cultures, bread is considered sacred. For example, it's believed as bad luck to turn bread upside down in France, while Scandinavian traditions hold that if a boy and a girl eat from the same loaf, they are bound to fall in love! There's also a playful legend that whoever eats that very last piece of bread has to kiss the chef - just a tasty way to show some gratitude!



Bread in Space!  

Did you know that bread is not allowed on the International Space Station?

This is because it produces crumbs that become unmanageable when floating. The solution: Tortillas! Because they don't leave behind crumbs, have a much longer shelf life, and take up far less storage space due to their flat nature! So even in space, bread is a universal comfort food!