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Pre-departure Guide


Congratulations on your admission to a Summer Study Abroad Programme! 


Complete the Registration Form on HKBU Students and Staff Services Platform (SSSP → INTL → Summer Abroad 2024 Registration Form) at least 3 WEEKS PRIOR to the commencement of the summer programme.

Student Visa/Study Permit

  1. Ensure your passport will have a validity of at least another 6 months beyond your planned return date to Hong Kong. If not, please renew your passport at once.  
  2. You may need a student visa/study permit to study in your host destination. Please visit the embassy/consulate website of your destination to find out the specific requirements for visa application (if any). You may be required to have proof of insurance and accommodation confirmation before a student visa can be issued. The application process could be quite lengthy. Please plan in advance. 


You MUST purchase insurance that covers comprehensive health, accident, personal property, and travel insurance for the entire period of your summer study abroad programme and any personal travels before and/or after. HKBU has provided students a group travel insurance with coverage of up to 183 days. For application details, please visit the website of the Finance Office.

Transfer of Units

Upon return from the summer abroad programme, you may apply for transfer of units. Applications for transfer of units will be subject to the approval of respective departments and the Academic Registry. The University may not entertain any unit transfer for subjects with grades below the equivalence of grade C in the University grading system. Units transferred from other institutions are recorded without inclusion in GPA calculations. See the Academic Registry website for details. 


Please request an official transcript from your host institution for HKBU before your departure. This is for unit transfer purposes. As well, it serves as an official document that you have completed your studies at the host institution.


You may be asked by the professors to provide materials concerning the subjects that you have taken at the host institution.  This may include the course syllabi and your coursework, etc.  Spare room in your luggage for these materials.


Application Form for Transfer of Units



  1. For students enrolling in credit-bearing summer programmes, academic transcripts will normally be issued by the host institutions.     
  2. Final year students should note the following if you have fulfilled the HKBU graduation requirements by the time you start the summer programmes:
  • Applications for transfer of units based on the summer programme credentials will NOT be entertained.
  • Information related to the summer programmes will NOT be included in the academic records and transcripts.

Stay Connected

  • Check your HKBU email account from time to time for important information from HKBU.
  • Keep in touch with family members, HKBU classmates and colleagues, and International Office to let us know you are doing well outside Hong Kong.
  • As you will be exposed to different cultures and environment when studying abroad, it is unavoidable that you will face various types of challenges. You are encouraged to seek counselors for advice if necessary. You can contact the International Office at the host institution for any assistance. Of course, you are always welcome to contact the HKBU International Office and we will try to help you in whatever way we can.


Check the travel advisories  and research the countries you plan to visit  before departure



Assistance Outside Hong Kong


Before you travel outside Hong Kong, you can use the Registration of Outbound Travel Information (ROTI) online service to register your contact details and itinerary.  The information you provided allows the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit (AHU) of the Hong Kong Immigration Department to contact and assist you in an emergency outside Hong Kong.


If you need assistance while in distress outside Hong Kong, please contact the AHU:


24-Hour Hotline: (852) 1868

24-hour Assistance Hotline by the ImmD Mobile Application

Fill in Online Assistance Request Form



In the event that you are not able to call the hotline from abroad due to the service settings of their telecommunication services operators or other reasons, you may try adding “0000” after entering “1868”. Alternatively, you may also contact your family and friends or the Chinese diplomatic and consular mission in that country for them to contact the AHU. This would allow the AHU officers to call you and render all practicable assistance to you. 


Please find more information in the Travel Assistance here:


Guide to Consular Protection and Services Outside Chinese Territory


Consular protection and services are important safety measures for Hong Kong residents outside of Chinese territory. You can learn about the scope of consular protection, the specific services and assistance provided, what cannot be provided, what to do in unexpected circumstances, how to find a Chinese embassy or consular mission in the host country, points to remember and where to obtain further information in the following website:


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China provides comprehensive lists of its missions overseas. Please find more information on Chinese diplomatic or consular missions in the following website: 


Embassy, Consulate, Mission and Representative Office List