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Student Experience

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Korean Fiesta 2023

Hallyu Haru! Korean Fiesta 2023

13 April (Thursday), 12:00 Noon

Podium, Level 3, Academic & Administration Building

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Movie Screening :
Extreme Job 炸雞特攻隊


First-of-its-kind Movie Screening on campus!


Movie time with a cup of FREE Col-Pop콜팝! (Mash-up of Fried Chicken and Cola in one cup), Team up with the detectives to stake out the crime gang!


Extreme Job 炸雞特攻隊 is the highest-grossing Comedy that breaks box-office records in Korea. Have belly laughs with your friends and enjoy the finger-licking snacks!


Don’t hesitate to reserve your tickets and FREE Col-Pop now! First come first served!




A Day in Myeongdong


Welcome to our BU Korean Food Avenue! We're thrilled to offer you some of the most popular and delicious Korean street food dishes out there. Here are three must-try items on our menu: Kimchi Pancake, Tteokbokki, and Ppopgi (Dalgona Candy from “Squid Game”).


Our Korean street food is sure to satisfy your taste buds and provide an authentic culinary experience that has been shaped by centuries of cultural exchange and innovation. So come on by and grab a bite!!



Hanbok Experience 


Hanbok is Korean traditional clothing that has already existed for over 50 centuries. Following the development of fashion trends, Hanbok has evolved from daily wear to attires which Korean people usually wear on special occasions.


Our Hanbok booth provides various choices of Korean traditional dresses for you to try on! Fit yourself into the beautiful Hanbok with traditional accessories, and capture gorgeous moments with your friends at our photo booth!





Are you ready to experience the best of Korea's culture in one spectacular showcase? 


Get ready to be blown away by the electrifying energy of K-pop, the grace and power of Taekwondo, the traditional rhythms of Samulnori, and so much more! This isn't just any ordinary stage performance - it's a celebration of the rich and vibrant culture that Korea has to offer.


Korean culture has taken the world by storm. At Korea Fiesta, you'll get to experience the very best of this genre in an unforgettable live performance.


Squid Game Challenge


Have you heard about the latest viral trend that's taking social media by storm? It's the Squid Game Challenge! Inspired by the hit Netflix series of the Korean drama.


You will explore traditional Korean games like Ddakji, flipping over paper discs. And Dalgona, molding the candy into different shapes. What a fun and exciting way to challenge yourself and your friends!


Who knows, you might just become the next Squid Game champion!