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Preparing for Arrival


We are as excited as you are for your studies at HKBU!

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Delivery of Visa Package

In order to ensure that you receive the visa/entry permit, we will contact you to confirm your contact details.

Once we receive your approved visa/ entry permit, we will send the approved document to you.

Arrival Information

Please provide your arrival details by completing the Arrival Form

Buddies Scheme

"Lasting and rewarding friendships for everyone involved!" is the slogan for our Buddies Scheme. By joining our Buddies Scheme, 2 or 3 HKBU students will be assigned to be your buddies.  They will help you to prepare for your arrival and become familiar with your surroundings, particularly during your first month at HKBU.

HKBU Mobile App 

HKBU Mobile App is the single platform to access various HKBU services and information. Download “HKBU Mobile” on the App Store/ Google Play. For details, please visit:



An orientation is conducted to help you get familiar with Hong Kong and HKBU. Click Orientation for the programme schedule.

Payment methods

Click Payment Methods for more information.