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HKBU Exchange Sponsorship

Every student accepted to participate in the Student Exchange Programme is eligible to receive a HKBU Exchange Sponsorship.

Amounts of the HKBU Exchange Sponsorships according to respective destinations and duration of exchange:




Exchange for 1 Semester

Sponsorship Amount (HK$)

Exchange for 1 Year

Sponsorship Amount (HK$)

Zone 1

Africa, Americas,

Europe, Israel

19,000 21,000

Zone 2

The Middle East, Oceania,

Kazakkstan, Türkiye

16,000 18,000

Zone 3

Japan, Singapore,

South Korea

11,000 12,000

Zone 4

China (except for Guangdong Province), India, 

Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, The Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand

8,000 9,000

Zone 5

China (Guangdong Province), Macau




Conditions for the HKBU Exchange Sponsorship

  1. Students must engage in full-time studies and credit-bearing courses during the exchange period.
  2. Students who fail to complete the exchange programme or withdraw from the University are required to repay immediately the sponsorship (and the loan, if applicable).
  3. Full-time Government-funded undergraduate students.


For disbursement details, please refer to the page on Disbursement   HERE