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"Living on campus is very convenient and the quality of room based on the price charged is considered satisfactory."

Dominika Sokolinska

Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice, Poland

"The hall mates are very kind to offer help whenever i approached to ask questions."

Minoh Kim

KIMEP, Kazakhstan



If you choose to live off campus, it will be your responsibility to make housing arrangements either before or after arrival in Hong Kong.  Please note that often times, off-campus housing is more expensive than on-campus housing.  Also, places close to campus are normally quite difficult to acquire and often cost much more than those farther away.  You should begin searching right away and prior to your arrival.  And because of the high demand of on-campus accommodation, once you have decided to live off campus, it will not be possible to entertain your later request to live in on-campus residences.  Please do keep this in mind when you make your decision as to whether you should be accommodated on or off campus.

For Undergraduate Exchange Students


Undergraduate exchange students are housed in the University's Undergraduate Halls on the Baptist University Road Campus (BURC).  The Undergraduate Halls are composed of the South Tower and the North Tower providing some 800 rooms.  Majority of the rooms accommodate two students and are air-conditioned (separately controlled in each room).  For each occupant, the provision includes one bed, a closet, a desk, a shelf, one chair and one LAN point and wifi connected to the University's network system.


Linens (sheets, pillows, towels, etc.) are the responsibility of the individual occupant.  Please bring your own or buy them in Hong Kong.  Every two rooms share a common restroom and shower facility. Other facilities include a common lounge (with a small pantry & kitchenette) on each floor, a music/TV room, a multi-purpose room, a table tennis room, a computer room, a gym room, a study room, and a laundry area. For more detailed information, please refer to here.


You may indicate your preference to stay on a single-gender floor or a co-ed floor.  Your preference will be considered as far as possible subject to availability.


The rate schedule for a double occupancy room in the Undergraduate Halls is as follows:

Undergraduate Halls 2022/23




1st (Fall) Semester

23 August - 23 December 2022 (12:00 noon)

       8,357 1,065

2nd (Spring) Semester (for students continuing from 1st (Fall) Semester)

23 December 2022 - 18 May 2023 (12:00 noon)

       10,001 1,274

2nd (Spring) Semester (for new students admitted in 2nd (Spring) Semester)

5 January - 18 May 2023 (12:00 noon) 

       9,110.5 1,161

* US$1 is roughly pegged to HK$7.85


Additional Fees


Caution Money 
(refundable upon completion of the housing period less charges due to the loss or damage to hall properties)


Students are expected to pay room rates, in full, on a semester basis.  Monthly payments are not accepted.  Room fees are not refundable.

Air conditioning (A/C) expenses are not included in the accommodation fees. Students sharing rooms will be equally responsible for the charge of air-conditioning (approximately at HK$1.3 per hour).

For Postgraduate Exchange Students 


Depending on occupancy, postgraduate exchange students will be housed in the Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House (NTT) on campus. The NTT offers a "Semester Accommodation Package" to full-time HKBU postgraduate exchange students. Application details will be announced to admitted postgraduate exchange students.  You may also see the webpage of Off-campus Accommodation Alternatives Section, Office of Student Affairs for other housing opportunities.