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Scholarships administered through the International Office

With the generous support of our donors, there are a number of merit-based and/or need-based scholarships available to eligible exchange students.


  • Albert and Mabel Chan Exchange Scholarship
    (Interview mandatory)

  • Chiang Chen Overseas Exchange Scholarship

  • Community of Christian Leaders Scholarship Fund

    (Interview mandatory)

  • Eileen L. Tsui International Student Exchange Scholarship

  • Eileen Tsui Student Enrichment Fund

  • Fung Scholarships

    (Interview mandatory)

  • HKBU Student Exchange Scholarships



  • Hsin Chong – K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund for Student Programme

  • Lam Kin Chung - Ikeda Scholarship

  • Mr. & Mrs. So Kai Sing Student Exchange Scholarship

  • S. H. Ho Student Exchange Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong Scholarship Fund for Mainland Exchange

  • WKF Scholarship for Learning and Exchange in One Belt One Road Regions

  • Virginia and Stanley Yim Student Development Fund 


To be considered for any of these scholarships, you must be an eligible applicant and fulfill the following requirements and conditions:

  1. Excellent scholastic ability (cumulative GPA of 2.8 or above at the time of application and at the conclusion of the semester prior to the beginning of an exchange);
  2. A good TOEFL/IELTS score (i.e. a TOEFL/IELTS score above the minimum requirement);
  3. Outstanding records of extra-curricular activities, community and voluntary services;
  4. Strong leadership skills;
  5. A well-rounded personality;
  6. Willingness to contribute to HKBU and to the community after exchange; and
  7. Proven financial needs (a criterion for some but not all scholarships).


Award of Scholarships

All of the scholarships listed above are awarded on a competitive basis and subject to the availability of funds. Each of the scholarships shall be up to HKD$ 42,000. Specific scholarships will require eligible applicants to attend a face-to-face interview in January/February. The International Office will nominate suitable candidates to one of the scholarships according to the donor's requirements.

Notes to Scholarship Recipients

  1. Students are only entitled to receive one scholarship for exchange study at Hong Kong Baptist University.
  2. To show their appreciation to donors, scholarship recipients are required to submit a thank you letter and/or reports during or after their exchange, depending on individual donor’s requirement.
  3. Scholarship recipients are required to attend scholarship related events and activities organized by scholarship donors and HKBU before and after exchange.
  4. Scholarship recipients are expected to participate or share at least ONE of the Student Exchange Programme promotion-related activities after their return from exchange. 



For disbursement details, please refer to the page on Disbursement  HERE


Faculty/School-level Scholarships and Financial Support

More scholarship opportunities are available to you based on your major or awarded by your faculty/school. Please contact your school/faculty or department for more details.


  1. Alumna Dr. Vivienne Luk Scholarship for Business Students
  2. Dickson Shang Outgoing Exchange Scholarship for BBA Students
  3. Dr. and Mrs. Simon Suen Student Exchange Scholarship
  4. Dorothy Shen Wong Overseas Study Scholarship for COMM Students
  5. Exchange Award for Business Students
  6. Exchange Scholarship for Outstanding Business Students
  7. Faculty of Arts Student Overseas Exchange Sponsorship Scheme
  8. Kathy King Alumni Scholarship for Business Management Students 
  9. Mr. Mai Shisong Outgoing Exchange Scholarship for BBA Students
  10. School of Communication Exchange Sponsorship
  11. Social Sciences Scholarship for Global Exchange
  12. Wong Li Yuk Ying Outgoing Exchange Scholarship for BBA Students
  13. Wong Li Yuk Ying Outgoing Exchange Scholarship for SOSC Students


You are welcome to ask us any questions: