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Travel Form

If you are planning to travel outside Hong Kong during holidays, please let us know your whereabouts by filling in the Travel Form below.  The information would be helpful in the event of an emergency and you need to be contacted and/or your families need to be in touch with you.  It is important that we know where and how to find you and to render you the necessary assistance.


Please make sure you have adequate insurance coverage when travelling in and outside Hong Kong during personal time. When travelling, please safeguard your travel documents and personal belongings.  You should also have with you information of the persons to contact in case of emergency situations.


It is not recommended that you travel when classes are in session, since class attendance is expected.  Please make sure that your studies and class attendance are not adversely affected by your travel plans.  It is wise to inform your professors when it is necessary to be absent from classes; some professors are very strict with regard to class attendance.  Excessive absences could negatively affect your semester grade and also your eligibility to take final exams.  Clarify these issues BEFORE you finalize your plans for travel.


Since the quarantine policy may change from time to time, please make sure you visit the HKSAR website for the latest updates. 



1. Personal Particulars

2. Travel Details

3. Travel Companion(s)

Emergency Contact Person