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Student Exchange

HKBU Low-interest Loan

The University offers a low-interest loan (at 2.5% interest per annum) to students experiencing financial hardship. Full-time Government-funded undergraduate students, who have proven financial needs and are Hong Kong permanent residents, are eligible to apply.

The loan will be paid back in 36 installments after graduation, or in one lump sum upon withdrawal from the University or if fail to complete the exchange programme.

The minimum loan amount is HK$5,000. For any loan amount above HK$5,000, it should be in multiples of HK$1,000. The maximum loan amount cannot exceed the amount as specified in the table below.




Exchange for 1 Semester

Loan (HK$)

Exchange for 1 Year

Loan (HK$)

Zone 1
Canada, European countries, Mexico, U.S.A.
19,000 34,000
Zone 2
Australia, Chile, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Turkey
18,000 32,000
Zone 3
Japan , Singapore, South Korea
12,000 21,000
Zone 4
China (except for Guangdong Province), Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan
6,000 10,000
Zone 5
China (Guangdong Province), Macau
5,000 9,000


Students who wish to apply for the University low-interest loan should complete and submit the following forms together with their Exchange Sponsorship/Scholarship disbursement documents to the International Office. For disbursement details, please refer to the Disbursement page  HERE