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Virtual Exchange for HKBU Students

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Virtual Exchange: Course Offerings (Sem 1, 2023/24)

For HKBU Semester 1, 2023/24


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University of Deusto, Spain

| Course Offerings

Course Offerings

| Eligibility

Academic Requirements:

  • cGPA: a minimum of 2.5


Demonstrate your proficiency in English using one of the following:

  • IELTS: 6.0 overall, or above (equivalent to CEFR B2)
  • TOEFL: Total score 79, or above


| Maximum Study Load 2 courses
| Enrollment Deadline

23 June 2023

| Remarks

Please pay attention to the language of instruction, courses may be taught in Spanish/ English.

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Switzerland

Georgia State University, USA

Universidad Austral, Argentina 

Petra Christian University, Indonesia

Laval University, Canada

Northern Arizona University, United States

Deakin University, Australia

University of Canberra, Australia

Western Sydney University, Australia

Insper-Instituto De Ensino E Pesquisa, Brazil

Ryerson University, Canada

Burgundy School of Business, France

Ecole de Management Normandie, France

Sciences Po Strasbourg, France

Constance University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, Germany

OTH Regensburg - Technical University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Temple University (Japan Campus), Japan

KIMEP University, Kazakhstan

Radboud University, Netherlands

University of Groningen, Netherlands

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Kristianstad University, Sweden

Linnaeus University, Sweden

Lund University, Sweden

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Switzerland

Ateneo de Manila, The Philippines

University of Kent, UK

West Virginia University, USA



You are welcome to ask us any questions: