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Student Exchange

Safety Tips

Studying abroad can be fun, rewarding and exciting. However, it is important to observe safety and security concerns while abroad. 

Please find the Safety Tips below to ensure a fruitful exchange experience:


Check the Travel Warnings and research the country(-ies) information before you travel



Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit (AHU) of the Hong Kong Immigration Department


Before you travel outside Hong Kong, you can use the Registration of Outbound Travel Information (ROTI) online service to register your contact details and itinerary.  The information provided allows the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit (AHU) of the Hong Kong Immigration Department to contact and assist you in an emergency outside Hong Kong.


If you need assistance while in distress outside Hong Kong, please contact the AHU:


24-Hour Hotline(852) 1868

Fax: (852) 2519 3536

Address: 9/F Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong



In the event that you are not able to call the hotline from abroad due to the service settings of their telecommunication services operators or other reasons, you may try adding “0000” after entering “1868”. Alternatively, you may also contact your family and friends or the Chinese diplomatic and consular mission in that country for them to contact the AHU. This would allow the AHU officers to call you and render all practicable assistance to you. 


Please find more useful information in the Travel Assistance here:



Guide to Consular Protection and Services Outside Chinese Territory


Consular protection and services are important safety measures for Hong Kong residents outside of Chinese territory. You can learn about the scope of consular protection, the specific services and assistance provided, what cannot be provided, what to do in unexpected circumstances, how to find a Chinese embassy or consular mission in the host country, points to remember and where to obtain further information in the following website:


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China provides comprehensive lists of its missions overseas. Please find more information on Chinese diplomatic or consular missions in the following website: 


Embassy, consulate, mission and representative office lists




Don't leave home without an appropriate health and travel insurance covering your time abroad! For insurance claim procedures, visit the website of Finance Office.